Private events

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Private events

Nocturno Live, the magical performance hall, also hosts intimate and luxurious private events: birthdays, social gatherings, team-building evenings, conferences, bar and bat mitzvahs, private parties, and more. You can incorporate a live performance by top artists in the fields of music, stand-up comedy, poetry slam, or a DJ (all performing at Nocturno Live throughout the year) into your event.

The event content and culinary aspect are collaboratively designed with the venue’s professional production team. Nocturno Live is equipped with sound, lighting, projection, and recording systems, and a skilled technical crew accompanies each event according to the artists’ specifications.

Nocturno’s chef offers a wide variety of unique dairy menus tailored specifically to each event. The hall’s layout is determined according to the preferences of the hosts, starting from a grand table in the center of the space (by special request), through the intimate cabaret-style design of the performances every evening, to an entire dance floor.

Seated events can accommodate up to 100 guests, and mingling events or dance parties can host up to 250 guests. Feel free to browse the photo gallery showcasing representative events among the hundreds that take place at the venue.

To receive a proposal for a private event, fill out the form or contact Ami at 054-7717442.

If you’re interested in an event at Nocturno, please fill out the form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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