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A unique ambiance & familial atmosphere

Nocturno Restaurant & Coffee shop has been known, for over 21-years, as an establishment for art & culture. Frequented by art students and intellectuals, the warm cozy feeling of the place and its unique design aesthetic have made it a popular spot for anyone looking for a quiet corner, finely made dishes & quality coffee. The Nocturno rests at the center of Jerusalem in the “City Designer” hub which hosts fashion & jewelry boutiques and serves as one of the most loved epicenters of culture establishments in Jerusaelm.

The magical design, a hub emanating of culture & art, the familial environment and excellent food have made Nocturno into the perfect assembly for the residents of Jerusalem, Bezalel academy’s students & lecturers and the different art schools in town. To writers & reporters, to denizens of the neighborhood and city-center – side-by-side with Business people & tourists from abroad and the locality – all come to visit The Nocturno for a cultural & culinary experience. The Nocturno was chosen by “Time Out” Tel Aviv as one-of-five Jerusalemite establishments every Tel-Aviv resident must recognize.

What’s on the Menu?

The Nocturno prides itself with an open kitchen and a fresh service – Kosher, dairy vegetarian & vegan – everything in our kitchen is made with fresh produce which arrives every morning from the “Mahane Yehuda” Market. Cheese & fish are prepared and served meticulously & aesthetically, sauces are made in our kitchen from vegetables and fresh herbs, jams & confitures are fixed from seasonal fruit, pickles are pickled in-house, juices freshly squeezed…And the aromatic coffee is made out of a blend specially concocted for Nocturno Coffee-House from 12 different invigorating, fine coffee strains.

The Nocturno’s menu is designed with a personal touch, featuring original artwork by “Bezalel” school of art’s graduates. In the menu you will find special breakfasts, the best “Shakshuka” in town, grilled sandwiches with side-salads, fresh seasonal salads, Quiches, excellent pastas with homemade sauces and toppings, baked goods & desserts that melt on your tongue (also available Gluten-Free), freshly ground aromatic coffee, squeezed juice, draft & boutique beers, a rich alcohol & unique cocktail menu. Our vegan menu is also rich and varied: Vegan breakfast with an assortment of side-dishes, Vegan “Shakshuka” with Tehina, a Vegan hamburger made out of Portobello mushrooms with a salad and house pickles, Vegan Shawarama in a Tortilla with a salad & Tehina, Vegan Quiche, Vegan sandwiches with a side-salad, fresh Salads, Vegan Pasta & more…

Nocturno Live

In the evenings and night-time, The Nocturno transforms and becomes a host to musical preformances, Poetry Slam, dancing, on-the-bar lectures, Stand-Up, parties and concept nights. Nocturno’s rich cultural tapestry is definitely felt at its best in the evenings with a rich event list & its happy atmosphere. For more information on Nocturno’s nightly events you are welcome to enter here: Nocturno Live.

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