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Event Board
About Nocturno Live

Musical Performances, Stand-Up, Poetry Slam, lectures and everything in-between…

Nocturno’s name is derived from the Latin word meaning “Nocturnal”, as such it is not surprising that this atmospheric coffee-house transforms during the evenings and nights into a whole different beast! Nocturno Live is a culture & performance hub located within the well-known and loved Nocturno coffee house; and yet offers our visitors a warm Cabaret ambiance, tables and roomy sofas, a wide bar well stocked with drinks and of course – special events that go hand-in-hand with Nocturno’s remarkable artistic vision.

One arrives at Nocturno for the familial feeling, the artistic design and the fine Dairy menu, with an assortment of vegetarian & vegan dishes – which continue to shine thier magic during the nighttime. But the events held every night offer the rhythm and tone that wholly enrich the experience.

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